Gran Fondo Team Tirol

The countdown is now on to the 2018 UCI Road World Championships in Innsbruck-Tirol, the biggest summer sports event ever to take place in the Tirol region. To promote the World Championships among fans of cycling both in Austria and around the world, the regional tourism board Tirol Werbung has come up with a special idea: the Gran Fondo Team Tirol. This team of cyclists will spread the message of the 2018 UCI Road World Championships with plenty of fun and enthusiasm at many mass-participation cycling events in the run-up to the World Championships.

What are gran fondos?

Gran fondos are national and international cycling events with a race-like character but open to all. They are often held on the same courses as major professional races. The largest and most famous gran fondos have thousands of participants. One of the most well-known such events in the world is without a doubt the Ötztal Bike Marathon, while others include the Nove Colli, the Maratona dles Dolomites in Italy, Ride London-Surrey and the Hamburg Cyclassics with over 20,000 riders.


What is the Gran Fondo Team Tirol?

Certainly not a racing team! The main aim of the event is to raise interest in the 2018 UCI Road World Championships in the cycling community both in Austria and around the world. As well as performing on the road, the team will be an ambassador for the 2018 UCI Road World Championships through its  communication skills and expertise on the 2018 World Championships in Innsbruck-Tirol.




Here you can find the latest information about the Gran Fondo Team Tirol!

Haute Route Dolomites


Ein Renntagebuch. Bianca Somavilla berichtet von der Haute Route Dolomites.

Arlberg Giro


While one part of the Gran Fondo Team Tirol took on the 100-mile route of the RideLondon race, a second team of 5 members…

Ride London


Last weekend the British capital was all about cycling. At the Prudential RideLondon, tens of thousands of cyclists conquered…

Dressed for success in the Wachau region


At the weekend, the Gran Fondo Team Tirol wore the rainbow jersey of the 2018 UCI Road Championships Innsbruck-Tirol during the…

On the road in Tirol


After Eschborn-Frankfurt and Nove Colli, the Gran Fondo Team attended three races in Tirol.

Fiat Lüftner


The Gran Fondo Team Tirol has a strong partner: the Fiat Talento. And as its name suggests, the Fiat Talento is a natural when it…

Nove Colli


The Nove Colli – starting and finishing in the town of Cesenatico in the beautiful Emilia Romagna region of Italy – is one of the…



Cycling’s Spring Classics are famous for their changeable weather – and the Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt event was…